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Creativity's Best Friend

Barking Dogs Studio announces the unleashing of our Master Suite cruising wide open with Pro Tools|HD for a complete creative audio pallette allowing the artist endless possiblities in pre and post production.

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With Pro Tools|HD, you have a comprehensive collection of virtual instruments, sound processing plug-ins, and creative tools to help you get inspired, develop ideas, and quickly progress from mic to master all in one package. Whether you’re composing, recording, sequencing, editing, scoring, mixing, automating, or mastering, you can count on unwavering sound quality, efficiency, and performance every step of the way.

Doggie Doos

Barking Dogs Studio believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of "doo".

If you have never recorded a serious record project, or completed one within budget, it's probably because you did not "doo" your homework. It's extremely important, in the interest of time, to plan out your tracks, chart your songs, rehearse your vocal harmonies, and be comfortable with the key you are singing in. We allow you to feel FREE to "doo" what you need to creatively...just remember that starting over from scratch is not FREE.




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