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Barking Dogs Studio, LLC offers a wide range of audio and video services.  

With over 35 years in the entertainment industry, we know how to get your project done with the highest amount of quality and speed.  While we are basically a private facility, we do consider other projects on a one by one basis.

We can help to restore, refresh and uplift your old recordings.  With both Digital and Analog gear, we are truely designed to serve any need you may have.

Sennheiser, Neumann, Shure, Audio-Technica, and AKG Microphones

Services Offered:
  • ADAT / DAT transfer to CD or DVD media.
  • ADAT/DAT multtrack mixing down to stereo.
  • Voice-Over facilities.
  • Musical Tracking.
  • Multi-track Recording.
  • Producer / Engineer services.
  • Conversion from Analog to Digital media.
  • Music Videography.
  • Fully geared studio.
  • Prices Subject to Project Demands.
  • Flexible Hours.

Our Premium Platform:

DigiDesign's Pro Tools|HD

With Pro Tools|HD, you get amazing sound quality and performance, no matter how much processing, virtual instruments, and automation you throw into the mix. That’s why more professionals trust Pro Tools|HD than any other DAW. Raise your level to Pro Tools|HD and power through the biggest productions with ease. You have a comprehensive collection of virtual instruments, sound processing plug-ins, and creative tools to help you get inspired, develop ideas, and quickly progress from mic to master all in one package.

  Apple's Mac Pro
A redesigned interior makes it easier to add up to 32GB of memory, four PCI Express 2.0 expansion cards, and up to 8TB of storage.

Powerful AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards provide the fastest-ever Mac graphics, while the Mini DisplayPort gives you more display options.

With four cores and an integrated memory controller, the Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Nehalem” processor boosts performance nearly 2x.2

Highly recyclable and even more energy efficient, the new Mac Pro is designed with the environment in mind.

Click Here for a LIST of our STUDIO GEAR

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