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Resurrecords recording artist Don Law
Barking Dogs Studio is proud to be producing Resurrecords recording artist Don Law. Don's debut cd entitled "Outlaw Hero", is a ground breaking 'turn the Medusa on her head' to the entire music industry. "If Joe South and Johnny Cash were 21 in 1993 and started a band called Lynyrd Skynyrd based out of a garage in Seattle, Washington - THAT'S WHAT I SOUND LIKE."---- Don Law describes his music as Alternative/Country/Soul singing about what he holds dear and what really gets under his skin. This explosive montage brings a serious, heartfelt, and comical approach to lyrical expression from this unique Outlaw Hero.

Click HERE for a Free Download of "Why You Want My Stuff?" by Don Law and recorded by Barking Dogs Studio.

Resurrecords CD release - summer 2011.

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